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Part I

How did George Zim­mer­man really break his nose?

George Zimmerman hit by recoil of own weapon

The Truth is more often than not, a sim­ple thing. Click to Enlarge

It is July 14, 2013, the time is 13:15. It is a beau­ti­ful day to med­i­tate, how­ever there is a dis­tur­bance in the force. Yes­ter­day, a trav­esty of jus­tice occurred due to the inabil­ity of six peo­ple to cor­rectly inter­pret a series of events which led to the tragic death of a 17-year-old child who just cel­e­brated  his birth­day 21 days prior. Many peo­ple feel the case of Trayvon Mar­tins death was about self-defense. The rest of the peo­ple feel that this child was racially pro­filed, stalked and shot dead through the heart.Although, I could go into a detailed schol­arly dis­ser­ta­tion, I have not ever been one to waste time and regur­gi­tate infor­ma­tion that one could obtain anywhere.For those who don’t know, a bloody nose makes for a very messy fight. In box­ing a nose bleed can cost you the fight on a tech­ni­cal if your cor­ner can’t stop it. Every­body involved will have not a lit­tle, but lot’s of blood on them if a nose bleed occurs in a fight.  This hap­pens 100% of the time. There are no excep­tions. Yet Trayvon did not have George’s DNA present any­where on his body except a tiny speck at the bot­tom of his sweat­shirt. If the fight was as vio­lent as explained by Zim­mer­man, there would be blood every­where, not to men­tion the grass and side­walk. I don’t care if it was rain­ing, it would be obvi­ous. His nose was busted pretty good, but the splash pat­tern was all wrong, both on his clothes and face for what he described occurred.Is it just me or did any­one else find it strange that George refused to go to the Hos­pi­tal?  First respon­ders sta­bi­lize and trans­port. Hos­pi­tals treat and ana­lyze. What caused the cut on the nose ?



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