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Mr. Pres­i­dent,

The time draws nigh and I per­son­ally don’t have the time to ded­i­cate to this let­ter in the time frame you have falsely cre­ated with­out cause. I do say that I implore you to con­sider the ram­i­fi­ca­tions of your actions until such time has passed where ratio­nal minds can deter­mine the appro­pri­ate course of action should indeed one be required.  The Sec­ond Amend­ment is about sov­er­eignty not arms.  It is the enforce­ment clause of the Con­sti­tu­tion which places the power in the people’s hands.  You have no idea what you are start­ing.  Guns are such a lim­ited view­point.  I just want to retire in a few years in a nice Coun­try home.  Play with my Grand kids and catch Cat­fish in my lake. Med­i­tate and grow closer to GOD. Who knows, after you repent we might be fish­ing together.

Amer­ica will not for­give you for this.  I am shocked at Clin­ton!  I would expect that from George, but Bill!  I now see that George is a prod­uct of his fam­ily envi­ron­ment and didn’t ever buy into it, not that it excuses his part in 9/11.

So that my words are not mis­un­der­stood, I want to say plainly that I do not sup­port insurrection. 

I love my Coun­try. With all of it’s faults, it is the best place I know of on the planet earth.  I was for the Assault Weapons Ban with the 10 year sun­set. I was younger and didn’t really like it, but it was worth a shot. It didn’t do any­thing.  Crime is going down with­out it, and stayed pretty much the same with it. Good lead­er­ship will help even more. Enforce the laws on the books.  You are anger­ing smart peo­ple. That is not wise lead­er­ship. (more…)

ECOA Welcomes Birth 2012

December 21, 2012

Every 26,000 years, a new Era in human­ity begins. This day is now. Learn who we are. Join in the Birthing Con­cious­ness of the New Age.  Do not focus on the Birthing Process.



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 When you achieve enlight­en­ment, you will have many tools at your dis­posal to bypass the rhetoric and go straight to the truth.  Last night a ses­sion was begun to get to the root cause of Super­Storm Sandy?  Because all Blogs are mon­i­tored by the Worlds Gov­ern­ments, I will not dis­close the meth­ods being employed at this time, although pro­fes­sional ana­lysts will pick up on some of the tech­niques being employed and I trust they will be of help to you.

The update last night was just the begin­ning to pick up the Sig­nal line and the sec­ond ses­sion is now begin­ning to flesh out the truth.  Some of the answers were wrong in the first ses­sion and this is to be expected in the processes being employed, yet the pic­ture will become clearer and clearer over time and I will reveal some of the infor­ma­tion from each ses­sion, as reveal­ing the entirety of our knowl­edge base could place us in dan­ger and that is not the goal.

The goal is to awaken Enlight­ened Amer­i­cans as to their true capa­bil­i­ties.  That said this sub­ject will be updated as more infor­ma­tion becomes avail­able.  The truth is noth­ing like our cos­mopoli­tan TV World defines our false “Group Con­scious­ness”.  That being said let us begin.




In the last decade, the use of scalar tech­nol­ogy has grown expo­nen­tially. I cur­rently sub­scribe to all space weather reports and the Sun began with a mod­er­ate X-Ray Burp on 10/20 which sig­nalled to me on an intu­itive level that things were about to grow hec­tic. This was val­i­dated by sci­en­tist on 10/23 saying;

Accord­ing to sci­en­tists work­ing on NASA’s Solar Dynam­ics Obser­va­tory (SDO), another X-1 class solar flare erupted today from the Sun indi­cat­ing that activ­ity is inten­si­fy­ing. Radi­a­tion has already caused a radio black­out here on Earth and NASA is now rec­og­niz­ing that the worst is yet to come. Astronomer, Tony Phillips also adds, “This means more flares are prob­a­bly in the off­ing, and they will become increas­ingly Earth-directed as the sunspot turns toward our planet”. Sci­en­tists now believe that 2013 will be the worst solar period in recorded history.

Now I know 2012 is the begin­ning of what I believe to be a 7 year cycle which I will address some­time later. The real ques­tion is — “Based on our posi­tion and actions taken covertly and overtly in Syria and Iran, is this a scalar attack by China or Rus­sia who are allied to Iran and Syria?

Were not the only coun­try with HAARP devices. Even if Sandy started as a nat­ural storm, it is eas­ier sci­en­tif­i­cally to believe it was agi­tated by Scalar Tech­nol­ogy, unless you choose to believe in the myth­i­cal “Per­fect Storm” Theory.


PART I — Scop­ing the Battlefield

 The What if Prism — To know what your up against you must open your mind

Prism of TruthYes there has been unknown inter­fer­ence in our his­tory. WE lost a great war long ago and the time has come in some great cycle in which the veil is being lifted and our pow­ers which were mere thoughts of fan­tasy and things of myth are becom­ing man­i­fest right now as I speak.  Each one of us is chang­ing.   ECOA begins now to assist those whom are brave enough to fight through the illu­sion. ECOA is a mes­sage in a bot­tle. It tells the story of  pris­on­ers of the great God­like galac­tic civ­i­liza­tion called human­ity Soul trapped on a Prison Planet try­ing to beak free. Their DNA Mem­ory was wiped clean and those who were once Gods have been sub­ju­gated with­out aware­ness of who they are…  A Prism shows one truth through mul­ti­ple per­spec­tives … each per­spec­tive being a part of the whole. No one per­spec­tive con­tain­ing the entire truth.  Is reli­gion like this? Only you can answer that ques­tion for yourself.

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I would like you to relax … hit the music .… you have read my work .. you know I’m not a New Ager  … I’m real  .… I’ve been up here before and I know my way around.  I am your guide to that ulti­mate real­ity we all avoid .  The music will open your mind and relax you.  The web­site has not changed, we are just break­ing it out of a box with limitations. 

 We the Peo­ple, The Enlight­ened Cit­i­zens of  Amer­ica are putting all options on the table and our tools are not guns, bombs or tanks.  Oh No, for a prob­lem this big we have to go to the real tools.  Not the tools we play in the sand­box with.  We have to go to the place where we built the sand­box and every­thing in it.  This is the 21st Cen­tury, time for some­thing new, we must attack cor­rup­tion from its very foun­da­tion of creation.

Atlantis, Lemuria, ESP, Manip­u­la­tion of DNA,  Sacred Sci­ence, Sound, Geom­e­try is a lot to swal­low in one pill.  So go over this post and come back to it.  Our mind has to shift fre­quen­cies to grasp this information.


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