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Thomas Jefferson Memorial“I believe that bank­ing insti­tu­tions are more dan­ger­ous to our lib­er­ties than stand­ing armies. Already they have raised up a mon­eied aris­toc­racy that has set the gov­ern­ment at defi­ance. The issu­ing power (of money) should be taken away from the banks and restored to the peo­ple to whom it prop­erly belongs.”                                                                                ~ Thomas Jef­fer­son, U.S. President


Hon­or­able Senator/Representative

I am an Amer­i­can and I am frus­trated and deeply concerned.

I am being curt and direct because I don’t think there is a nice or polit­i­cal way to state the severe steps that are required.

I tire of this decep­tion about our econ­omy and the National Debt.  The debate is non­sen­si­cal.  Frac­tional bank­ing is a con plain and simple.

For Exam­ple;

There are only five peo­ple in the world and one is the banker.
The banker loans 100 dol­lars to each of the four charg­ing 5 % inter­est.
The four peo­ple go about their daily lives but each of them has to get the five dol­lars to pay the bank from each other.
The prob­lem is the econ­omy is miss­ing 20 dol­lars, so some­one has to lose or bor­row more money. Gold, sil­ver, oil, gov­ern­ment, noth­ing mat­ters because it is all linked to the mon­e­tary sys­tem, not the other way around. Noth­ing can now run with­out the banker. That is the con of frac­tional bank­ing which puts the banker in con­trol of every­thing.

It’s that sim­ple, but the truth gen­er­ally is. The Emperor has no clothes.  Who doesn’t under­stand that?

The Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Con­sumer Pro­tec­tion Act of 2010 while admirable in it’s attempt to pro­tect Cit­i­zens from preda­tory lend­ing and in the­ory will increase access to Cap­i­tal does one thing that out weighs all the ben­e­fits. Micro lend­ing while assist­ing impov­er­ished areas moves the peo­ple from non-producers to the Fed to tax pay­ing ser­vants. You have given the Fed­eral Reserve (a secre­tive and pri­vate entity) increased con­trol of our econ­omy. This is more of the same ero­sion of con­trol with a thick layer of sugar. How many licks will it take to get to the mid­dle of this Act? This Act will not restore the tens of tril­lions of dol­lars we have lost through this decep­tive reces­sion. For­get the debt, that is not real. I am talk­ing about the real cur­rency spent and lost on homes and pen­sion funds and the like. The Enron deba­cle that wasn’t ever set­tled for the Peo­ple of Cal­i­for­nia. This is the spir­i­tual and phys­i­cal suf­fer­ing result­ing from Frac­tional Bank­ing. This is the real national debt.

Where is the 2.3 Tril­lion Dol­lars that The Sec­re­tary of Defense reported miss­ing on
Sep­tem­ber 10, 2001.

I can’t for the life of me believe Con­gress is this stu­pid.  This by sim­ple deduc­tion means there must be mas­sive unseen cor­rup­tion in the House of Rep­re­sen­ta­tives and the Sen­ate.  Did you peo­ple ever really under­stand Allen Greenspan?  I know Ron Paul did? Allen Greenspan warned us about the dan­gers the Fed­eral Reserve posed based on cur­rent debt lev­els in his last speech to Con­gress as Chair­man and that they would take advan­tage of the weak­ened econ­omy. When you recalled him after the 2008 fail­ure, he told you that the banks were even more treach­er­ous then he orig­i­nally believed they were.  He went on to explain how they weak­ened the econ­omy by manip­u­lat­ing the money sup­ply in a man­ner that could not be tracked or man­aged.  Ron Paul then smiled and Greenspan walked out of there feel­ing sorry for your (Con­gress) inabil­ity to under­stand your own job.  The man warned you two years before the Crash and it still happened.

The Coun­try does not raise enough with taxes to pay the inter­est on this myth­i­cal National Debt.  You are autho­riz­ing the bor­row­ing of money to pay for money bor­rowed and call it a debt ceil­ing. That is igno­rant.  Taxes are not even nec­es­sary as a source of rev­enue. In a econ­omy that is based on the inter­est of soci­ety, taxes are used to main­tain equi­lib­rium within the econ­omy and pre­vent infla­tion. Because we are vir­tu­ally paper­less, the need for taxes is minute.  We aren’t even print­ing the big money any more.  It’s cre­ated as fast as a book entry in a com­puter sys­tem.  Where were taxes before 1913? As soon as we have adopted income taxes, we have been plunged into two great wars and con­stant polic­ing actions around the globe.  Why is a group of peo­ple we don’t know allowed to con­trol our money sup­ply and charge us inter­est? If the sit­u­a­tion weren’t so dire, it would be beneath my dig­nity to look at such a fool­ish con game. 

Rep­re­sen­ta­tive Capps, as I have known you for years, I want you to know that I cur­rently have no doubt of your loy­alty to Amer­ica.  But this is a time for tough calls and not nice peo­ple. Sen­a­tor Boxer although I have seen you many times, I don’t get the same feel­ing of gen­uine warmth from you and that con­cerns me when mat­ters become this impor­tant. What truly con­cerns me is the same type of unspo­ken com­mu­ni­ca­tion Nancy Pelosi and Bar­bara Boxer bring. It screams “Some­thing is dread­fully wrong”.

Money may be fiat, but there are two things it clearly rep­re­sents and that is my time and labor which means if some­one is tak­ing it from me, they need to pro­vide a ser­vice equiv­a­lent to that amount of money. That is eco­nom­ics, not this con­vo­luted con game it has turned into.  Abra­ham Lin­coln sum­ma­rized Mon­e­tary Pol­icy in 8 para­graphs.  I have no idea or inter­est in what the char­la­tans on Cap­i­tal Hill are doing, but let me help with some guidance.

My Coun­try is 15–62  Tril­lion dol­lars in debt and climb­ing.  By deduc­tive logic and crit­i­cal thought, my Coun­try is being ruled by an ille­gal act of Law called the Fed­eral Reserve Act.  My Coun­try is being ter­ror­ized by its ille­gal enforce­ment com­pan­ion iden­ti­fied as the Inter­nal Rev­enue Ser­vice. We are not safe! Debt is the oppo­site of Freedom.

This also reveals that we are not liv­ing in a Repub­lic.  If you mort­gage your house, its owned by the Bank.  Isn’t this what the rev­o­lu­tion was about?

Which state­ment rings true with you?

I owe, I owe, so off to work I go.


“When in the Course of human events, it becomes nec­es­sary for one peo­ple to dis­solve the polit­i­cal bands which have con­nected them with another, and to assume among the pow­ers of the earth, the sep­a­rate and equal sta­tion to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God enti­tle them, a decent respect to the opin­ions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the sep­a­ra­tion.”

Your first duty is the pro­tec­tion of the Amer­i­can Peo­ple that you rep­re­sent and to uphold the Con­sti­tu­tion which finds and derives it’s char­ac­ter and basis of strength from the Dec­la­ra­tion of Inde­pen­dence.

 While there are many the­o­ries regard­ing this, we are beyond dis­cus­sion or argu­ment on this mat­ter.  The facts are in front of us.  We are an empire that is crum­bling under the weight of cor­rup­tion.  As my Representative/Senator,  I am instruct­ing  you to do as fol­lows in the order pre­sented or face imme­di­ate recall or replacement.

1.    Imme­di­ately notify the appro­pri­ate author­ity that Mil­i­tary per­son­nel (Chief of staff to E1), All Cit­i­zens regard­less of crim­i­nal record, gov­ern­ment, and Intel­li­gence per­son­nel may sign and send this let­ter or one of sim­i­lar fash­ion to Con­gress with­out reprisal and pass a law with enforce­ment right now.

a.    Imme­di­ately call the Gov­er­nor if you are in any way asso­ci­ated with the Fed­eral Reserve or its pri­vate share­hold­ers in a man­ner unknown to the Amer­i­can Pub­lic out­side of your con­gres­sional duties of over­sight.  You are to resign and receive a full par­don of any crimes com­mit­ted and train your replace­ment for a smooth transition.

b.    You are to iden­tify any of your col­leagues whom you sus­pect of inap­pro­pri­ate rela­tion­ships with the Fed­eral Reserve, its share­hold­ers or orga­ni­za­tional com­po­nents directly to the Pres­i­dent of the United States, includ­ing your Governor.

2.    You are to raise the debt ceil­ing to address the cur­rent eco­nomic sys­tem and tran­si­tion it to the new one you are to pro­pose below.  If you do not under­stand eco­nomic sys­tems, Learn, Hire Con­sul­tants or resign now.

3.    You are to peti­tion imme­di­ately to stop all inter­est pay­ments to the Fed­eral Reserve as soon as pos­si­ble to avoid global calamity.

a.    You are to peti­tion to acti­vate all intel­li­gence assets to mon­i­tor the Fed­eral Reserve, share­hold­ers of, orga­ni­za­tional com­po­nents and all gov­ern­ment employ­ees includ­ing your­self and the Supreme Court Jus­tices.  The mis­sion is to iden­tify and elim­i­nate all cor­rup­tion right now.  This is to be given a five (5) year sunset.

b.    You are to acti­vate the Mil­i­tary to pro­tect Wash­ing­ton and begin a repo­si­tion­ing of all mil­i­tary forces to pro­tect Amer­ica as we weather this inter­nal emergency.

c.     You are to peti­tion to iden­tify pub­li­cally all Fed­eral Reserve Share Hold­ers and its entire orga­ni­za­tional structure.

d.    You are to nation­al­ize and restruc­ture the Fed­eral Reserve and asso­ci­ated insti­tu­tions and take author­ity over the nation’s econ­omy as stated in Arti­cle 1 Sec­tion 8 of the Constitution

e.     You are autho­rized to raise the price of all Amer­i­cas strate­gic wealth com­mod­ity reserves (Gold, Plat­inum, etc…)  to meet our cur­rent oblig­a­tions inter­nally and to those coun­tries mis­lead into buy­ing our debt.

      You are autho­rized to use pro­tec­tive tar­iffs in an emer­gency dur­ing this transition

f.      You are autho­rized to use all mil­i­tary assets to recover any strate­gic com­mod­ity stores found to be missing.

g.     You are to link the dol­lar to this bas­ket of strate­gic assets

h.    You are to gen­er­ally fol­low Pres­i­dent Lin­colns Mon­e­tary Pol­icy in com­bi­na­tion with the Legal Ten­der Act of 1862 upgrad­ing it with cur­rent technology.

i.      Specif­i­cally, the Pres­i­dent is to drop the infla­tion reduced buy­ing power of the dol­lar by Exec­u­tive order back to 1960 levels.

j.      When this Eco­nomic Reset occurs,

                                          i.    All cit­i­zens over the age of 20 and below the age of 30  and above the age of 80 are to receive a his­toric one­time pay­ment of 20,000 dol­lars if they do not have it or an amount equal to the dif­fer­ence.  –Main Street Bailout

                                        ii.    All cit­i­zens over the age of 30 and below the age of 80 are to receive a his­toric one­time pay­ment of 50,000 dol­lars if they do not have it or an amount equal to the dif­fer­ence. –Main Street Bailout

Well I feel much bet­ter know­ing that I have pro­vided gen­uine guid­ance in really solv­ing root prob­lems and shin­ing the light where there was once dark­ness and that is all I can do.Lincoln Memorial

Thank You for your time.


One Amer­i­can

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