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Voodoo Economics

August 10, 2011

Who holds the american debtWe are all read­ing about the fic­ti­tious cri­sis that has been cre­ated in a back­room by a few men.  The whole world is reel­ing as the boogey ball of eco­nomic fear is passed from one coun­try to the next. The Mar­ket has become a vehi­cle by which the Bankers now using High Speed Super Com­put­ers snatch tril­lions of pen­nies in micro sec­onds. These “High Fre­quency Trades”(Thefts) occur so fast that in between tape read­outs thou­sands and mil­lions of unseen trans­ac­tions are con­ducted between each blip of the tape.

Eco­nom­ics for the good of the peo­ple is not this com­pli­cated. The Voodoo Eco­nom­ics of Frac­tional Bank­ing and Debt are a whole sci­ence of con­trol. The plan is so insid­i­ous that you have pun­dits and Cit­i­zens tak­ing pride in their study and under­stand­ing of a fic­ti­tious sys­tem of mys­te­ri­ous cycles and sta­tis­tics as if it were some enlight­ened gift of under­stand­ing.  Deriv­a­tives are so com­plex that even Greenspan admit­ted he didn’t under­stand them.  The rea­son being that at some point you leave the realm of real­ity and enter the land of make believe. What is wrong?  Is there less Oil?  Did soci­ety run out of bread or something? 


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