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Part I

How did George Zim­mer­man really break his nose?

George Zimmerman hit by recoil of own weapon

The Truth is more often than not, a sim­ple thing. Click to Enlarge

It is July 14, 2013, the time is 13:15. It is a beau­ti­ful day to med­i­tate, how­ever there is a dis­tur­bance in the force. Yes­ter­day, a trav­esty of jus­tice occurred due to the inabil­ity of six peo­ple to cor­rectly inter­pret a series of events which led to the tragic death of a 17-year-old child who just cel­e­brated  his birth­day 21 days prior. Many peo­ple feel the case of Trayvon Mar­tins death was about self-defense. The rest of the peo­ple feel that this child was racially pro­filed, stalked and shot dead through the heart.Although, I could go into a detailed schol­arly dis­ser­ta­tion, I have not ever been one to waste time and regur­gi­tate infor­ma­tion that one could obtain anywhere.For those who don’t know, a bloody nose makes for a very messy fight. In box­ing a nose bleed can cost you the fight on a tech­ni­cal if your cor­ner can’t stop it. Every­body involved will have not a lit­tle, but lot’s of blood on them if a nose bleed occurs in a fight.  This hap­pens 100% of the time. There are no excep­tions. Yet Trayvon did not have George’s DNA present any­where on his body except a tiny speck at the bot­tom of his sweat­shirt. If the fight was as vio­lent as explained by Zim­mer­man, there would be blood every­where, not to men­tion the grass and side­walk. I don’t care if it was rain­ing, it would be obvi­ous. His nose was busted pretty good, but the splash pat­tern was all wrong, both on his clothes and face for what he described occurred.Is it just me or did any­one else find it strange that George refused to go to the Hos­pi­tal?  First respon­ders sta­bi­lize and trans­port. Hos­pi­tals treat and ana­lyze. What caused the cut on the nose ?


We also have the pic­tures of George and there­fore assume one of three things;

  1. Some­body else hit George
  2. George hit himself
  3. The blood washed off of Trayvon

The Enlight­ened being see’s “All is One”. There­fore time is not only lin­ear, but also cycli­cal. Make no assump­tions and let the event flow in your mind. Do not inter­pret the data. Allow the data to merge with your own life expe­ri­ences and under­stand­ings.  You need to remove all your fil­ters (prej­u­dices and empathic blocks) until you have col­lected the data points which allow you to cor­rectly inter­pret the data. This is using your Third Eye.

When this is done;

I sub­mit to you, there is a fourth option.

YouTube Preview Image

George Zim­mer­man was struck by the recoil of his own gun!

This will be con­firmed by the smudge of blood. On the right side of his face. On the right cor­ner of his mouth in the ini­tial pic­ture taken at the scene. This smudge was caused by the back of his hand, (which was grip­ping the gun) being forced into his face by the weapons recoil. You also have the cut on the nose caused by the slide of the weapon.  It looks to me like one half of the slide caught the bridge of his nose cut­ting him. The size and shape of the cut con­firm this.  Fists do not cut. A cut is caused by hit­ting another object, but not ever a naked fist.This would indi­cate that the fight did not tran­spire as George told the story and that Rachel’s ver­sion was closer to the truth. Trayvon was approached by George Zim­mer­man on a dark rainy night and then grabbed. Trayvon responded to pro­tect him­self and a strug­gle ensued. George Zim­mer­man pan­icked and shot him. George Zim­mer­man indi­cated he was uncer­tain if he had hit Trayvon. This was due to the guns recoil, strik­ing him in the face. How could he be uncer­tain if he hit Trayvon whom was on top of him as he described and less than 12″ from the gun barrel?


The Recoil hit him square in the nose stun­ning him.  This is why every­one describes him in a daze. He had been smacked right in his 6th Chakra oth­er­wise known as the third eye. This is the energy cen­ter of the heart/mind con­nec­tion and gov­erns your PERCEPTION OF REALITY. Get hit here and you will be out of it for days.

George Zim­mer­mans face stop­ping the full travel of the slide may also account for the low pen­e­tra­tion of the round. The firearm needs to be test fired into bal­lis­tic gel while being posi­tioned and clamped with a block of wood or mock bust sim­u­lat­ing George Zim­mer­mans face halt­ing the full travel dis­tance of the slide..

This should not be needed as the photo at the scene and foren­sic evi­dence already ver­ify this is what hap­pened “Beyond A Rea­son­able Doubt”

By the way, this is not a hypoth­e­sis. This is what hap­pened and we are cur­rently com­pil­ing the cur­rent rel­e­vant court evi­dence (there tons of it) to assist in the pros­e­cu­tion of George Zim­mer­man.  For exam­ple George Zim­mer­mans face pre­vented his firearm from load­ing the next round and the bul­let was sub­mit­ted loose with the mag­a­zine of the remain­ing six rounds in the mag­a­zine.  Many peo­ple were con­fused about this and thought George expe­ri­enced a jam not real­iz­ing that his nose inter­fered with the pis­tol slides operation.

Click image to enlargeForensic Firearm Report

As I have begun to show, along with Juror b-37 inter­views, the pros­e­cu­tion NOW has a strong argu­ment for appeal on the basis that the jury were not George Zim­mer­mans peers and lacked the intel­lec­tual capac­ity to ren­der a sound ver­dict. I.e. how can you be a peer of George Zim­mer­man if you haven’t ever han­dled a firearm or under­stand how they oper­ate.  It is our firm belief that this trial sets the grounds for intro­duc­ing a min­i­mal qual­i­fi­ca­tion step in the jury selec­tion process.  I fur­ther sub­mit that Hos­pi­tal care for those involved in a crime not be an option, but a require­ment for the pur­pose of “Evi­dence Col­lec­tion”.  A qual­i­fied doc­tor or nurse would have known that the cut on GZ’ nose was not caused by a fist which is why GZ refused hos­pi­tal treatment.

Some might ask why and our answer to that is “Because Bil­lions of peo­ple watched this trial includ­ing every sort of expert imag­in­able with a com­bined total of bil­lions of years of expe­ri­ence and ECOA are the “ONLY ” peo­ple who under­stood what they were look­ing at. It wasn’t a puz­zle, it was plain as day that the man is a psy­cho­pathic liar and there­fore you need to ignore him in total as a source of truth.  We were in total dis­may when we real­ized in clos­ing argu­ment every­one was blind to the truth. Kind of gives  the say­ing that “with such a gift of sight comes great respon­si­bil­ity” new mean­ing. Wouldn’t you say?”

Oth­er­wise we would have to pre­sume that this was done on pur­pose to agi­tate the pop­u­la­tion with Race Issues.  Are you really ready to go there (although the sad Pow­er­point pre­sen­ta­tion of the Pros­e­cu­tor could give cre­dence to this)? We believe the pros­e­cu­tor just gave up out of frus­tra­tion because he could not address George Zim­mer­mans bloody nose taken in con­junc­tion with the lies denot­ing a myth­i­cal sav­age 40 sec­ond beat­ing that could not have occurred given the foren­sic evi­dence.  IT WAS ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE. This will become clear in Part II as we go through the missed rel­e­vant evi­dence and its true mean­ing now that we know how GZ broke his nose.

Now that you under­stand this, you must view all the evi­denced tes­ti­mony again because you are no longer blind. You have been Enlightened.

You have to be Enlight­ened to see the world as it truly is.

If you choose to  dis­sem­i­nate this true ver­sion of events. Please credit the Enlight­ened Cit­i­zens of Amer­ica web­site. Share the knowledge.


Until we meet again,


One Amer­i­can

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