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With this arti­cle we begin to estab­lish the foun­da­tion and sci­ence of Enlight­en­ment. It is impor­tant that you go through this site as each arti­cle is a build­ing block.  You will need a strong foun­da­tion to stay grounded.  We are not some airy fairy “New Age Group”.  We are mak­ing you aware of the knowl­edge and power that was taken from you.

Then you were edu­cated to believe it isn’t real while you were manip­u­lated through movies and selec­tive edu­ca­tion to unknow­ingly use this knowl­edge and power to build your own prison. To fill a cup with water, it must first be empty. Empty your mind, because we have a lot of fill­ing to do.

Here you will under­stand the impor­tance of four sim­ple words, that you will need to repeat over and over until they are part of who you are.

This expres­sion of will is our con­nec­tive grid. It can­not be cor­rupted. These four words are the high­est expres­sion of order and per­ma­nence.  These four words have “Great Power” to alter “Real­ity” and restore balance.


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