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Enlight­ened Cit­i­zens of America,

With the cur­rent announce­ments of North Korea, and recent severe cli­mate changes, we are sig­nal­ing a COMPLETE PRIORITY SHIFT.

I don’t want you to be fright­ened, but if your here, you want to know the truth (Read Global Wel­come).  I have meant many peo­ple who thought they were strong enough for the truth and they soon learned that they had no cop­ing mech­a­nism for these changes and even­tu­ally stuck their heoppertunitiesgrads back in the sand in order to be func­tional.  Do not press this infor­ma­tion on any­one. They must grow within their own men­tal frame­work. Most will choose to ignore it. This may be your spouse, child, sib­ling, par­ent or close friend.  You must respect their choice no mat­ter how dif­fi­cult.  The truth be told, you are bet­ter off with­out them involved in your preparation.

For those that believe in Rev­e­la­tions, that TIME FRAME is upon us now. This is not what we believe. This is where we are.

This is not a hoax. This is not a joke. The envi­ron­ment you live in is chang­ing rapidly and it won’t return to what we call nor­mal for many years. For most of us, it will not return to nor­mal in our life­time. Yes it is that seri­ous.  You must adapt or suf­fer the con­se­quences.  Do not try to go on as if noth­ing is hap­pen­ing. The world as you knew it is gone. The cur­rent weather extremes are only the begin­ning. The Geo­mag­netic storms are impact­ing our brain­waves. Most impor­tantly our DNA is cur­rently  under­go­ing muta­tion. We are chang­ing right now as you read this!

Gun Con­trol and Con­sti­tu­tional ques­tions are a “LOW PRIORITY”.  Sur­vival and adap­ta­tion is the priority.

Events have now been set in motion that will fall like domi­noes. The Sun as we know it is unsta­ble. For those that under­stand and are mature in Christ, we have reached the cycli­cal moment for evo­lu­tion­ary change. Begin the process of emp­ty­ing all neg­a­tiv­ity. Those that are mature in Christ may use the word Chris­t­ian when talk­ing to oth­ers, but inside under­stand it is just a label we use. If you think of your­self as a Chris­t­ian, then you have some grow­ing to do. If that sen­tence angers you then you are in the wrong place, but I strongly rec­om­mend you to read this message.shiftinggr

Real­ity is energy based and all things have a fre­quency. The mate­r­ial world is only 3% of the ener­getic frame­work.  You have the abil­ity to trans­form your den­sity as the energy shifts, but this can only be achieved through med­i­ta­tion and under­stand­ing. Neg­a­tive thoughts are dense. They will pre­vent many from mak­ing the shift. This mes­sage as stated is for every­one regard­less of your cur­rent level.

There are times when infor­ma­tion crosses your space that you are unpre­pared to receive.  For many this mes­sage will be one of those, but the warn­ing it pro­vides is essen­tial and few places will freely offer the infor­ma­tion that fol­lows in one place. As of this very moment Vol­canic Activ­ity is on the increase all over the world. Pyra­mids are inter­mit­tently shoot­ing beams into space.  This is not a joke or a hoax.  The gov­ern­ment can’t tell you this, because to do so will cause mass panic and there is still time. They know that this infor­ma­tion will leak out and they are try­ing to make sure it trick­les out as opposed to just pours, because peo­ple are intel­li­gent but masses are not.  This mes­sage will be received based on your level of under­stand­ing, but there is some­thing in it for everyone.

We will begin address­ing ener­getic prepa­ra­tion for those that under­stand. Our job is done here. For those that under­stand, it is time to leave the theatre.

If words like 3rd, 4th and 5th dimen­sion seem for­eign to you or are not real, you are stuck in 3rd dimen­sional den­sity.  Although there are those who have the abil­ity to make the shift, it will require com­plete immer­sion for you to raise your vibra­tional den­sity to make the shift, so you will have to decide between that immer­sion oascen2grr prepa­ra­tion.

Our time here will soon be over (The Enlight­ened few). We will be leav­ing an inten­tional vor­tex as we pre­pare for the next phase. As you read the follow-up arti­cles, this arti­cle will become clearer to you.

For those of you that do not under­stand. This is not bab­bling. You need to pre­pare for a series of cat­a­clysmic events that will hap­pen one after another. We are talk­ing about war, dis­ease, earth changes, famine, tyranny, etc.

These events are beyond your imag­i­na­tion. There is no need to fear as fear can­not help you. You must begin to think in terms of;

  2. Food and Water – Begin flash freez­ing meat if you have a sanctuary(you will only be able to have a 1 year sup­ply safely). If you don’t like veg­gies, it is time to change your diet now. LCD light­ing will per­mit you to have a replen­ish­able fresh food supply.
  3. Fresh Air – The abil­ity to fil­ter air the best you can
  4. Sur­viv­able Loca­tion – Sanc­tu­ary –  Begin think­ing in steps begin­ning with 1 month of total independence

Iden­tify those close to you with sim­i­lar val­ues. Begin to shift your think­ing from Com­pe­ti­tion to Coop­er­a­tion. Begin stock­pil­ing Knowl­edge in hard form. Talk amongst one another over din­ner. We have been inten­tion­ally mis­lead in our edu­ca­tion and cul­tural norms in order to make soci­ety more man­age­able.  In most instances this was nec­es­sary because know­ing the truth pro­vides indi­vid­u­als with a great deal of power that is dan­ger­ous if mis­used.  Those whom are able to get past the men­tal block­ades develop a level of matu­rity allow­ing them to under­stand the mis­use of this knowl­edge. You ask who makes that deci­sion? It really doesn’t mat­ter, because that’s the way it is.

Get on the same page with each other.

All Knowl­edge that you need to func­tion and sur­vive must be stock­piled. What you don’t under­stand now will at least be avail­able to you to pon­der when the need appears. Do not worry about Mar­tial Law. Soon it will become inevitable and we rec­om­mend you begin think­ing in terms of leav­ing Dense Pop­u­la­tion Cen­ters. Your mind­set must shift from mate­ri­al­ism to a COOPERATIVE par­a­digm. Deep Cycle bat­ter­ies and meth­ods of charg­ing them are essen­tial. Build urn bat­ter­ies and learn earth bat­tery technology.

We rec­om­mend that you develop meth­ods of liv­ing and com­mu­ni­ca­tion that do not require Infra­struc­ture. You have time, but you need to begin the men­tal shift right now, imme­di­ately. This is 90% of the game. GET YOUR HEAD RIGHT! Do not rely on any insti­tu­tion for direc­tion. The gov­ern­ment agenda might not be yours. Their plan­ning will be for the masses that didn’t plan or are inca­pable of advanced planning.

In the event med­i­cine is not avail­able, you will need alter­na­tive means of guard­ing against infec­tion (Highly Impor­tant. Many peo­ple take com­mer­cial anti­sep­tics for granted). In a col­lapse, a sim­ple scratch can kill you due to infec­tion. Higsynchronisitygrh qual­ity Col­loidal Sil­ver should be pur­chased now.  Do not buy the do it your­self  kits.  Get the real stuff. When doc­tors are not avail­able, this stuff is the best thing going. Before Big Pharma, sil­ver was cut­ting edge med­i­cine (at the turn of the last cen­tury with zero side effects). This is not med­ical advice and I am not a med­ical doc­tor. This is save your ass in a crunch advice. It may be used for many sit­u­a­tions includ­ing pre­ven­tion.

Begin to Adapt Now!

I can­not give you a time­frame, but the time for prepa­ra­tion is now if you don’t have a ticket to Under­ground Amer­ica. They(Whoever is with­hold­ing infor­ma­tion) want every­thing to pro­ceed as nor­mal and if we begin to adapt now in the course of every­day liv­ing, we can pre­pare with­out caus­ing sup­ply chain short­ages, panic and dis­ar­ray. There are many books cov­er­ing a wide range of top­ics regard­ing this adap­ta­tion process. Shift your bud­get and lifestyle  to adapt at a rate that is com­fort­able for you. In the end you are respon­si­ble for your­self and children.

Stay calm in mind. Peace, Love, Sanc­tu­ary, Abun­dance.
Repeat this to your­self when­ever your mind goes some­place you don’t want it to go.  These 4 words are important.

I am not say­ing drop every­thing and focus on sur­vival. I am say­ing begin plan­ning and prepa­ra­tion at a pace that allows you to adapt in com­fort. (I am aware this is redun­dant. I just want to make sure the impor­tant points are made to evey­one regard­less of their level of comprehension.)

North Korea is a sig­nal, not an event. It is one domino in an entire series of events that have already begun.

subtle-bodyFor those that under­stand, your Merk­aba Med­i­ta­tions should be prac­ticed on a daily sched­uleMerkaba. It is time to leave the Theatre.

I bid you Peace Love Sanc­tu­ary and Abundance.

For those who don’t under­stand and are try­ing to under­stand, know this. Chris­tian­ity did not exist when Jesus was born. There­fore, it only goes to logic that Jesus was teach­ing some­thing very dif­fer­ent. The first ques­tion you must ask is “Who invented Chris­tian­ity and gave you the Bible?”

There is truth there if you under­stand how to read it. For those that don’t, it is only pro­gram­ming and conditioning.

I believe in God and the Christ Con­scious­ness. It was around thou­sands of years before Jesus appeared on the scene.

I pray to God through Christ every day. I rebuke Lucifer in all its Satanic forms and manifestations.

God will talk to each and every one of you. God is always talk­ing. Most are not lis­ten­ing. There is no dis­agree­ment among those that truly know God. God’s mes­sage is coher­ent and remains the same.



I wish you well on your jour­ney of understanding.


One Amer­i­can

Peace, Love Sanc­tu­ary Abundance


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