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Mr. Pres­i­dent,

The time draws nigh and I per­son­ally don’t have the time to ded­i­cate to this let­ter in the time frame you have falsely cre­ated with­out cause. I do say that I implore you to con­sider the ram­i­fi­ca­tions of your actions until such time has passed where ratio­nal minds can deter­mine the appro­pri­ate course of action should indeed one be required.  The Sec­ond Amend­ment is about sov­er­eignty not arms.  It is the enforce­ment clause of the Con­sti­tu­tion which places the power in the people’s hands.  You have no idea what you are start­ing.  Guns are such a lim­ited view­point.  I just want to retire in a few years in a nice Coun­try home.  Play with my Grand kids and catch Cat­fish in my lake. Med­i­tate and grow closer to GOD. Who knows, after you repent we might be fish­ing together.

Amer­ica will not for­give you for this.  I am shocked at Clin­ton!  I would expect that from George, but Bill!  I now see that George is a prod­uct of his fam­ily envi­ron­ment and didn’t ever buy into it, not that it excuses his part in 9/11.

So that my words are not mis­un­der­stood, I want to say plainly that I do not sup­port insurrection. 

I love my Coun­try. With all of it’s faults, it is the best place I know of on the planet earth.  I was for the Assault Weapons Ban with the 10 year sun­set. I was younger and didn’t really like it, but it was worth a shot. It didn’t do any­thing.  Crime is going down with­out it, and stayed pretty much the same with it. Good lead­er­ship will help even more. Enforce the laws on the books.  You are anger­ing smart peo­ple. That is not wise lead­er­ship. The pop­u­la­tion sup­port­ing you doesn’t even know what is hap­pen­ing over­seas and how close we truly are to war.  They think Amer­ica is all pow­er­ful.  I know, that’s a trip isn’t it?

As you search your con­science, I want you to med­i­tate on the following;

Patrick Henry, in the Vir­ginia rat­i­fi­ca­tion con­ven­tion June 5, 1788, argued for the dual rights to arms and resis­tance to oppression:

Guard with jeal­ous atten­tion the pub­lic lib­erty. Sus­pect every­one who approaches that jewel. Unfor­tu­nately, noth­ing will pre­serve it but down­right force. When­ever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.

Prior to this;

Noah Web­ster sim­i­larly argued:

Before a stand­ing army can rule the peo­ple must be dis­armed; as they are in almost every king­dom in Europe. The supreme power in Amer­ica can­not enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the peo­ple are armed, and con­sti­tute a force supe­rior to any band of reg­u­lar troops that can be, on any pre­tence, raised in the United States.

Now I don’t know where you came from and I am cer­tain that will be sorted out later, but you are serv­ing “Dark Forces” that are and have always been Anti Amer­i­can.  Don’t play with us. We know the truth and you are being tol­er­ated because out­side of impeach­ment, we don’t want our coun­try ruined. Your mas­ters know you are their final shot. If I were you, I would leave things be.  I myself have cho­sen to focus on Peace and Love which are the high­est force.  I am in the minor­ity of those who know what is really happening.

Mr. Pres­i­dent, I’m scared of what my gov­ern­ment has become and that means you are tyran­ni­cal now. I’m a law abid­ing cit­i­zen, why am I scared? I’m not paronoid. As a real man, I’m not afraid to admit my fear because I learned to con­trol it long ago. I’m not out to humil­i­ate you, I’m pray­ing the Coun­try can sur­vive you.

Play with the Sec­ond Amend­ment and you will send Amer­ica down a path totally out of your con­trol.  Amer­ica is a beau­ti­ful machine that is vir­tu­ally inde­struc­tible.  We have over­come many adver­si­ties based on lies since the 1860′.  Why not be remem­bered for destroy­ing those that you serve?

I implore you, do not do this. We know you are using False Flag oper­a­tions and Pro­pa­ganda to dis­arm us.  Back­ground checks are fine, but any­thing more I fear will morph totally out of con­trol.  Tech­nol­ogy today pro­vides many ways to fight and Amer­i­cans are the most inge­nious peo­ple on the planet. Bet­ting against Amer­ica is awfully risky. In the end what’s it really worth?  I mean when the game is over.  When you have to look in the mir­ror and live with your­self. You don’t come from a hard­core fam­ily of cor­rup­tion. Your like a pet to those peo­ple.  Look at you bow­ing to a Saudi King.  Get­ting snubbed by the Queen of Eng­land. Seri­ously, you gonna take that mess after all you went through to get where you are?

Do you really want peo­ple build­ing zero point energy weapons in their base­ment?  This is the path you are open­ing.   There are thou­sands of peo­ple who know how. They just don’t want the drama that is asso­ci­ated with this knowl­edge. They know all about tor­sion field tech­nol­ogy. It is com­mon knowl­edge to any­one with an IQ high enough to under­stand. They might crack the planet in half  by acci­dent or open a rift like the Tsar bomb did.  Think about what your doing.  Bet­ter that folks feel com­fort­able with fly­ing lead than energy based weapons. Fight­ing is in the Amer­i­can DNA.  You can’t dis­arm Amer­ica with legislation.

I guess in the end, it’s not about con­trol­ling “the thing”.  It is about edu­cat­ing the pop­u­la­tion so “the intent to harm oth­ers” is not allowed to fes­ter in one’s thoughts.  I always use the mantra. Peace, Love, Sanc­tu­ary, Abun­dance myself.  Works pretty good. Well think about it.

Mr. Pres­i­dent, really think for your­self.  You have a lot of power.  Focus on doing the right thing and you will be sur­prised in the man­ner syn­cronic­ity comes to your aid.

I bid you peace, love, Sanc­tu­ary and abundance

One Amer­i­can

P.S. For the record, I thought giv­ing the Mex­i­can peo­ple weapons to get rid of their cor­rupt gov­ern­ment was a good idea.  Bad exe­cu­tion though. Should of trained a few for force mul­ti­pli­ers and to instill dis­ci­pline in my opin­ion, but what do I know? I’m just your aver­age Amer­i­can citizen.

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