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 When you achieve enlight­en­ment, you will have many tools at your dis­posal to bypass the rhetoric and go straight to the truth.  Last night a ses­sion was begun to get to the root cause of Super­Storm Sandy?  Because all Blogs are mon­i­tored by the Worlds Gov­ern­ments, I will not dis­close the meth­ods being employed at this time, although pro­fes­sional ana­lysts will pick up on some of the tech­niques being employed and I trust they will be of help to you.

The update last night was just the begin­ning to pick up the Sig­nal line and the sec­ond ses­sion is now begin­ning to flesh out the truth.  Some of the answers were wrong in the first ses­sion and this is to be expected in the processes being employed, yet the pic­ture will become clearer and clearer over time and I will reveal some of the infor­ma­tion from each ses­sion, as reveal­ing the entirety of our knowl­edge base could place us in dan­ger and that is not the goal.

The goal is to awaken Enlight­ened Amer­i­cans as to their true capa­bil­i­ties.  That said this sub­ject will be updated as more infor­ma­tion becomes avail­able.  The truth is noth­ing like our cos­mopoli­tan TV World defines our false “Group Con­scious­ness”.  That being said let us begin.

Scalar Tech­nol­ogy was employed, but the attacker is not using the term Scalar Tech­nol­ogy which gave us a false read.  We will do a ses­sion on Rus­sia as they have the most advanced Scalar Tech­nolo­gies on the planet and the abil­ity to plant false trails.  There is a Yakuza/Triad con­nec­tion in all of this which  was val­i­dated as pos­si­ble through research of the Yakuza/Triad/White Dragon tech­no­log­i­cal capa­bil­ity.  The Yakuza acquired Scalar Tech­nol­ogy in the 80′ through the pur­chase of an Amer­i­can Com­pany which had devel­oped a Free Energy Device and was run­ning into inter­fer­ence from the Elite. The Yakuza/Triad/ White Dragon Broth­er­hood is a Hydra Mafia like orga­ni­za­tion with ten­ta­cles reach­ing  through Japan, South Korea, China and the entire West­ern World. These com­po­nents make up an Elite Group them­selves and they are at War with the Elite that run the West­ern World.  Because of Russia’s advanced capa­bil­ity in this arena, an entirely dif­fer­ent ses­sion (as stated) will have to be run on them as any­one using this tech­nol­ogy is likely to have a Russ­ian con­nec­tion somewhere.

We must all pray or med­i­tate for a har­mo­nious recov­ery.  The NYC sub­way sys­tem is out of com­mis­sion effec­tively  reduc­ing our capac­ity to com­pete Glob­ally.  The sub­way sys­tem moves 7 mil­lion peo­ple daily and buses and car pool­ing is not going to work. We will have to cre­ate an audio because the amount of Infor­ma­tion we have to cover goes back to Nikita Kruschev and then Vice Pres­i­dent Nixon (The Elites Darth Vader which is why he was impeached).

Although we are look­ing at our diet as the cause of the increase in Can­cer, the Soviet Union and the United States have been involved in covert Scalar Wars for quite some time.  This is the Tech­nol­ogy which Dr. Greer of the dis­clo­sure project speaks of and was devel­oped exten­sively by Nick­ola Tesla the late 1800′ cul­mi­nat­ing in the Wycliff project 1900 — 1917 not ET’. Be aware that use of Scalar Tech­nol­ogy in the cre­ation of nat­ural dis­as­trs marks a return to the Col­lat­eral Accept­abil­ity of the 40′ prior to pre­ci­sion guided munitions.

In fact it was this tech­nol­ogy that caused the Elite to remove all fund­ing from Tesla because reveal­ing this tech­nol­ogy is free­dom.  You can­not con­trol a group of peo­ple who under­stand Scalar Tech­nol­ogy because they then under­stand how to manip­u­late the Fab­ric of the Uni­verse and gen­er­ate energy known as Free or Zero Point.  I am no Alex Jones or Andrew Bre­it­bart and although I dis­agree with what the Elite are doing,  if I get that call to stop before I have the abil­ity to pro­tect myself and those work­ing with me, I will, because if the peo­ple won’t stand up and fight because they are too brain­washed to believe the truth, I am not going to be some unknown Mar­tyr fight­ing for some hope­less cause.

Stay tuned for things are com­ing to a head and the expla­na­tion of real­ity I promised  is right in “Syn­chronic­ity” with Super­storm Sandy.  You know, that 1000 mile diam­e­ter storm that decap­i­tated the finan­cial Cap­i­tal of the World (NYC) and made land­fall right next door to the Nations Cap­i­tal.  I believe this is pos­si­bly in response to the Elites Scalar attack on Japan, but many more ses­sions will be required to truly iden­tify the Why. We are inter­ested in val­i­dat­ing the Who first. As I said, the Asian Elite and West­ern Elite are at war and the wars fought by national armies are their overt chess moves after thetrue bat­tle­field has been defined and shaped covertly. For exam­ple, how many peo­ple think the Iraq War was about Oil?  It wasn’t.

For you to under­stand what is about to be revealed will take an exten­sive audio on the his­tory of the play­ers.  Stay tuned because I am good at what I do and you too will soon know the truth.  Just try to wrap your head around what I have writ­ten because there won’t be hand hold­ing on this jour­ney.  We are headed straight to the truth bypass­ing all the the­o­ries. We will make no assump­tions.  We only seek the truth so we know what we are up against.

Solu­tion:  Let go of Mate­ri­al­ism.  Focus on your needs in abun­dance and give the Elite back their shiny trin­kets.  They only place you in debt, mak­ing you a slave to their con­struct or “Warped(False) Real­ity”.  Our entire value sys­tem is given to us by Tele­vi­sion. Turn it off. We are being manip­u­lated on so many lev­els every­day that a 500 page book wouldn’t dent the surface.

To really grasp what I am writ­ing, ask your­self “What or who is guid­ing or con­trol­ling my belief sys­tem of want?”

Plant a gar­den inside or out­side.  Trade seeds with your neigh­bors.  Not a big gar­den.  Start small and with organic seeds.  Use Coop­er­a­tion and exchange Veg­eta­bles.  One per­son grows pota­toes, another grows green­beans, another grows tomatos.  Shut Cor­po­rate farm­ing down.   Shut down every Super­mar­ket that does not sell or test for GMO free food. Make them respon­si­ble for what they sell to you. Do it for your chil­dren born or unborn.  Stop buy­ing what is bad for you and you will shut these com­pa­nies down. Sure things were nice when we started.  The Super­mar­ket and fast­food was a great idea, but even­tu­ally cen­tral­iza­tion leads to greed and con­trol.  It is a sys­tem that is not sus­tain­able if you wish to remain healthy and free.  Like I said we are just get­ting started.  These actions lead to self empow­er­ment and self empow­er­ment is free­dom. Nobody should have to spend a sin­gle dime to live a happy, healthy and con­tent existence.

Make the eco­nomic sys­tem the ser­vant not the master.


One Amer­i­can

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