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In the last decade, the use of scalar tech­nol­ogy has grown expo­nen­tially. I cur­rently sub­scribe to all space weather reports and the Sun began with a mod­er­ate X-Ray Burp on 10/20 which sig­nalled to me on an intu­itive level that things were about to grow hec­tic. This was val­i­dated by sci­en­tist on 10/23 saying;

Accord­ing to sci­en­tists work­ing on NASA’s Solar Dynam­ics Obser­va­tory (SDO), another X-1 class solar flare erupted today from the Sun indi­cat­ing that activ­ity is inten­si­fy­ing. Radi­a­tion has already caused a radio black­out here on Earth and NASA is now rec­og­niz­ing that the worst is yet to come. Astronomer, Tony Phillips also adds, “This means more flares are prob­a­bly in the off­ing, and they will become increas­ingly Earth-directed as the sunspot turns toward our planet”. Sci­en­tists now believe that 2013 will be the worst solar period in recorded history.

Now I know 2012 is the begin­ning of what I believe to be a 7 year cycle which I will address some­time later. The real ques­tion is — “Based on our posi­tion and actions taken covertly and overtly in Syria and Iran, is this a scalar attack by China or Rus­sia who are allied to Iran and Syria?

Were not the only coun­try with HAARP devices. Even if Sandy started as a nat­ural storm, it is eas­ier sci­en­tif­i­cally to believe it was agi­tated by Scalar Tech­nol­ogy, unless you choose to believe in the myth­i­cal “Per­fect Storm” Theory.

What is the Worst case Sce­nario? Why don’ we start with the Total Flood­ing and destruc­tion of our Largest City New York with its hol­lowed out hon­ey­comb cav­erns extend­ing down at least 1 mile under the City. How about the com­plete flood­ing and destruc­tion of the National Mall or for those unfa­mil­iar with that term, the Nations Cap­i­tal is at risk of com­plete destruction.

If the Worst Case does not play out, our econ­omy has now been dis­rupted to the tune of Bil­lions. If this is a scalar attack and I believe it is, then WWIII (World War III) has begun. You can be 100% sure our gov­ern­ment is “Remote View­ing” (google it) the sit­u­a­tion right now as I write this.  This will require a team and the next step will be val­i­da­tion of what the Remote View­ers find as an appro­pri­ate response by a dif­fer­ent team is being deter­mined simul­ta­ne­ously.  The process is com­plex and might take awhile (2 weeks or so)

Pray or med­i­tate as a group pro­ject­ing Love to the entire Planet. A basic per­sonal mantra when your mind turns to bad thoughts is to use the words “GOD, Love, Abun­dance” repeated men­tally over and over. We must draw on our men­tal ener­gies as a group. It is time for left brain tech­nol­ogy to take a back seat. We have real prob­lems that must be resolved at the base level of cre­ation. Mate­ri­al­ism is a dis­trac­tion given to those who are less evolved. Abun­dance is sim­pler and pos­i­tive.  While mate­ri­al­ism dis­con­nects us replac­ing solid val­ues with a pre­oc­cu­pa­tion for the accu­mu­la­tion of dead mate­r­ial objects at almost any cost, abun­dance is the pro­jec­tion of a har­mo­nious grat­i­fied lifestyle in through which peo­ple focus on the con­tent of their char­ac­ter and healthy ful­fill­ment of pro­duc­tive goals or objec­tives that do not intrude on their neigh­bors free­dom or happiness.

Have a nice day every­one and know that the only answer to this is Love! Why are we both­er­ing Iran any­way? Do what you have to do or leave them alone (address­ing our War Coun­cil). All these neg­a­tive emo­tions and energy seem to be engi­neered. Launch the War or leave them alone. Stop the Saber rat­tling. Iran has done noth­ing to Amer­ica. We have med­dled in their affairs for the bet­ter part of the 20th cen­tury and to tell the truth, I’m not so sure were as tough as we think we are. We have only attacked coun­tries that can’t defend themselves.


One Amer­i­can

Update 10/30/2012

As we are not pro­fes­sional Remote view­ers, we are sim­ply report­ing our pre­lim­i­nary find­ings in the hope that oth­ers with a greater or a more accu­rate skill set are able to apply advanced meth­ods of quan­tum entan­gle­ment to arrive at the answers to the cause of Super­storm Sandy?

Ques­tion 1

Was Super­storm Sandy the result of Scalar Technology?


Ques­tion 2

Was Super­storm Sandy the result of a mali­cious attack by Man?


Was Rus­sia respon­si­ble for Super­storm Sandy?


Was China respon­si­ble for Super­storm Sandy?


Does the U.S. Gov­ern­ment real­ize Super­storm Sandy was an attack?


Is Super­storm Sandy a retal­ia­tory attack?


Did the Chi­nese Gov­ern­ment work with other enti­ties to pro­duce the Super­storm Sandy attack?

Strong No

Did the Chi­nese Gov­ern­ment work with other for­eign gov­ern­ment enti­ties to pro­duce the Super­storm Sandy attack?

Strong No

Is Super­storm Sandy a first strike attack?

Incon­clu­sive to pow­er­ful Yes


Expla­na­tion of Answers

The Chi­nese gov­ern­ment has worked with the meth­ods we are using for many years as have Gov­ern­ments all over the World.  Actu­ally, this method is accu­rate enough for the CIA and NSA o rely on these meth­ods heav­ily and use satel­lites and spe­cial teams for val­i­da­tion which is the true rea­son we cut back on our spy assets.  It is eas­ier and more accu­rate to use these meth­ods and val­i­date the find­ings. There are meth­ods to block answers to the ques­tions being posed and we are using spe­cial tech­niques to fol­low and amplify  what is basi­cally a pho­ton trail to the source. Every­thing and action (Intent) has or cre­ates what is cur­rently known as a quan­tum infor­ma­tion field or Qif.  All gov­ern­ments use this tech­nol­ogy, so I imag­ine they have cre­ated Iso­la­tion cham­bers or build­ings to cover their trail.  This will explain the incon­clu­sive to pow­er­ful yes responses, because the sig­nal is bro­ken up.  Every action how­ever leaves a quan­tum sig­na­ture and there are meth­ods by which this trail may be ampli­fied.  Every­one can use this tech­nol­ogy once taught, but because it cre­ates a World with­out secrets, it is not aggres­sively being brought to pub­lic awareness.

This is just the begin­ning of what will take many ses­sions and hours.  The first step was to pick up the trail and amplify it so the infor­ma­tion will not dis­si­pate. The more pro­fes­sion­als using this method to find the answer dur­ing this emo­tional time cements the QIFs and keeps the pho­ton trail active. This is sim­i­lar to a trail being formed in a field by peo­ple always walk­ing along the same path. Now that the trail has been picked up, ques­tions will have to be refined to find answers that can be val­i­dated.  There are still many pos­si­bil­i­ties such as  a rogue ele­ment or unsanc­tioned activ­ity of a seg­ment of the Chi­nese Gov­ern­ment. Until we find ques­tions that can be val­i­dated, this infor­ma­tion is just that.  Inval­i­dated infor­ma­tion that can be right or wrong until we have some­thing we can val­i­date.  But we are com­fort­able enough with the ini­tial find­ings to seek more infor­ma­tion. The impor­tant part of this process is to be totally devoid of presumptions.

Was Super­storm Sandy a mali­cious attack by the Chi­nese Government?

Incon­clu­sive to pow­er­ful Yes

I am but One Enlight­ened Amer­i­can.  There are many oth­ers. Regard­less of the find­ings, only Love and com­mu­ni­ca­tion will stop this down­ward sui­ci­dal spi­ral of Humankind.


One Amer­i­can

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    I really appre­ci­ate this post. I’ve been look­ing every­where for this! Thank good­ness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thanks again!

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    I really appre­ci­ate this post. I’ve been look­ing all over for this! Thank good­ness I found it on Bing. You’ve made my day! Thank you again!

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