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PART I — Scop­ing the Battlefield

 The What if Prism — To know what your up against you must open your mind

Prism of TruthYes there has been unknown inter­fer­ence in our his­tory. WE lost a great war long ago and the time has come in some great cycle in which the veil is being lifted and our pow­ers which were mere thoughts of fan­tasy and things of myth are becom­ing man­i­fest right now as I speak.  Each one of us is chang­ing.   ECOA begins now to assist those whom are brave enough to fight through the illu­sion. ECOA is a mes­sage in a bot­tle. It tells the story of  pris­on­ers of the great God­like galac­tic civ­i­liza­tion called human­ity Soul trapped on a Prison Planet try­ing to beak free. Their DNA Mem­ory was wiped clean and those who were once Gods have been sub­ju­gated with­out aware­ness of who they are…  A Prism shows one truth through mul­ti­ple per­spec­tives … each per­spec­tive being a part of the whole. No one per­spec­tive con­tain­ing the entire truth.  Is reli­gion like this? Only you can answer that ques­tion for yourself.

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I would like you to relax … hit the music .… you have read my work .. you know I’m not a New Ager  … I’m real  .… I’ve been up here before and I know my way around.  I am your guide to that ulti­mate real­ity we all avoid .  The music will open your mind and relax you.  The web­site has not changed, we are just break­ing it out of a box with limitations. 

 We the Peo­ple, The Enlight­ened Cit­i­zens of  Amer­ica are putting all options on the table and our tools are not guns, bombs or tanks.  Oh No, for a prob­lem this big we have to go to the real tools.  Not the tools we play in the sand­box with.  We have to go to the place where we built the sand­box and every­thing in it.  This is the 21st Cen­tury, time for some­thing new, we must attack cor­rup­tion from its very foun­da­tion of creation.

Atlantis, Lemuria, ESP, Manip­u­la­tion of DNA,  Sacred Sci­ence, Sound, Geom­e­try is a lot to swal­low in one pill.  So go over this post and come back to it.  Our mind has to shift fre­quen­cies to grasp this information.

Trust me when I tell you, you are in good hands. It is all here, wrapped up in a clever nar­ra­tive and explained.   I have just been alerted to some sim­i­lar­i­ties to the Adam - God Con­cept.  As explained this is a mis­sion for the brave.  Accept what res­onates, reject what doesn’t and press on. We are going to the core of cre­ation to effect pos­i­tive change we can expe­ri­ence. This is the best mind open­ing and enter­tain­ing nar­ra­tive of Human His­tory I have ever viewed in my more than half a cen­tury on this planet. It ties so much together, allow­ing new ways of think­ing to spring forth.  If you enjoy this please View the Spirit Sci­ence Chan­nel.  A lot of work went into explain­ing Com­plex Con­cepts in a way that is easy and fun to under­stand. It is a valu­able use of your free time and saved me a lot of writing.

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I asked for your trust and although you know this infor­ma­tion is impor­tant, you also don’t want to waste time being mis­lead. So to give you a sam­ple of the depth you will be going to, I will give you this one truth that will change your entire life perspective.

Sci­ence Fic­tion is more fic­tion then we are led to believe.  Mankind can­not exist out­side of Earths Elec­tro­mag­netic Field.  The Sovi­ets dis­cov­ered based on their study of MIR cos­mo­nauts that the Human Mind returns to the State of a com­plete child when out­side of the Earths mag­netic field for more than 14 days. The dam­age I under­stood was com­plete and irrepara­ble.  The body is ok (I bet the results are still clas­si­fied) but the per­son is com­pletely gone and has to start from scratch.  Today astro­nauts as a result wear a device that sim­u­lates the “Fre­quency of the Earth” (Schu­man Res­o­nance).  You can get into space, but you can’t leave the Earth per se.  This should be talked about so peo­ple real­ize how lit­tle we do know about the Uni­verse. If you under­stood this then you would under­stand the sci­ence you receive is dif­fer­ent from the Truth. 

What does this sim­ple truth mean to you some may ask?

For you UFO peo­ple, don’t jump in any space ships until you ask them if they know you can’t live out­side your plan­ets Mag­netic Field. Now I know your par­ents told you about jump­ing in a strangers car, but now you know no mat­ter how excited you are, jump­ing in a UFO is a bad idea.  This knowl­edge is your per­ma­nent Baloney sen­sor when you start to read weird Sci­ence Fic­tion Tales

For the rest of us.… after your mind goes through all the per­mu­ta­tions and  reboots.…

It comes down to…

Energy fields out­side of the Earths res­o­nance (Har­mony) are detri­men­tal to us.  All things that change this base vibra­tion in our body is detri­men­tal to us.  Things such as Argu­ments change your fre­quency are highly dis­rup­tive to your cel­lu­lar sys­tem. TV, Cell phones, Appli­ances because this knowl­edge is not shared resulted in tech­nol­ogy based on 60 hz. It is clear from mul­ti­ple stud­ies that 40 hz would be much bet­ter and our health and behav­ior would also in turn be impacted.  Some will be more vul­ner­a­ble than oth­ers, but your field must stay as close to the Earths res­o­nance as pos­si­ble.  If you step out­side of this fre­quency for any length of time you will get sick. There you got it …  That means that if you don’t take action to coun­ter­act the effects of those things caus­ing a dishar­mo­nious fre­quency, you are being con­trolled  or in a state of unhealthy equi­lib­rium. Sub­scribers will have the tools, to pre­vent much of this. Part of AARC is mak­ing you aware of how to turn your­self into a walk­ing hos­pi­tal to be used as needed.  I am not talk­ing about faith heal­ing either.  I am talk­ing fun­da­men­tal real­ity chang­ing knowl­edge and actions. I am fine with right brain activ­i­ties only when the left brain val­i­dates and vice vera.  This is whole brain think­ing and is the most impor­tant skill to learn in my opin­ion.  This is what con­trols your per­cep­tion of reality.

Some of you may say that’s a reach … were talk­ing about the movie now …, but is it?  Some­one has gone through an awful lot of trou­ble to keep us super­sti­tious and fear­ful when the truth is we are reflec­tions of GOD in a lit­eral sci­en­tif­i­cally and morally con­scious state­ment of FACT.  The Athe­ists read­ing this are going to have a Life Chang­ing Epiphany with the next Post.  If you ques­tion this then explain it.  All of Real­ity.  The Flower of Life Geom­e­try by Josh will res­onate with every­one who views them because they are based on the archi­tec­ture of  the Uni­verse which means these pat­terns res­onate a fre­quency to every cell of your body. They are cur­rently here to acti­vate stir­rings in your Genetic Knowl­edge. These are pow­er­ful tools of trans­for­ma­tion and will be explained in depth in “All is One” — The Defin­i­tive State­ment of Real­ity. This is just a glimpse of a few of the tools we will use in training.

The movie opens the door to answer many ques­tions and in my opin­ion should be spread far and wide to awaken the peo­ple.  What this movie pro­vides is a new frame­work to hang thoughts for the Enlight­ened and shards of infor­ma­tion to awake those who are asleep. Some of you, yes White House Staffers and Polit­i­cal Devotes think you are enlight­ened, yet are still asleep.  The World is a holo­gram and you have not got­ten to the Archi­tec­ture of the Holo­graphic Sys­tem. There is only source and con­scious­ness.  Bring­ing down the Illu­mi­nati starts inside of you and rid­ding your­self of fear and embrac­ing Love.  The cool thing is when a crit­i­cal mass of peo­ple become enlight­ened, we all do like flick­ing a switch.  Begin to clear your­self now.

Given the mis­truths, omis­sions, twisted and lim­ited per­spec­tives in our His­tory Books, this brush over makes a lot of sense.  The more you under­stand, the greater the Movie’s impact.  There is a whole lot of under­stand­ing in a small pack­age that quickly opens any mind, the adept and the asleep alike.

I Am an Enlight­ened Being and this site wel­comes like minded Broth­ers and Sis­ters of the One. We are all One.  There is only one truth and it is inside of you. I have been busy since the last post truly get­ting a han­dle on What is Hap­pen­ing in Amer­ica and it’s rela­tion to the Globe and there­fore the Uni­verse.  Bear with me, I have been doing some heavy con­tem­pla­tion on under­stand­ing the depth of this cor­rup­tion.  Sorry to come at you from such an obtuse angle, but there is a lot to teach and lit­tle time so let’s get started.

We don’t have time for the­o­ries other than those that fit together with the real­ity we per­ceive that allows us to deci­pher the Agenda. I use non declar­a­tive think­ing and my right brain to deter­mine what my left brain should ana­lyze.  This allows me to link the facts together in a method that is self sus­tain­ing with­out the com­plete pic­ture.  For exam­ple the movie is a lot of fun. I nei­ther believe it nor dis­be­lieve it but in any event it has pro­vided a time­line that needs clar­i­fi­ca­tion and the mind will now start recat­e­go­riz­ing pre­vi­ously learned infor­ma­tion into neat com­part­ments with spaces left where infor­ma­tion needs to be obtained. In the future I will talk about Thought Hang­ers and how to use them with your COG.

They have been steal­ing tril­lions of dol­lars from all Mankind.  What is the Agenda.  Is the Earth some type of Prison?  Why does our his­tory stop?  There was a great War.  That much is clear from the evi­dence and ancient writ­ings .  We also had great tech­nol­ogy, that is clear. UFO Uniden­ti­fied Fly­ing Object is an excel­lent clas­si­fi­ca­tion.  The Earth is a big place… no I mean really big because it is not solid.  I don’t know if it is hol­low but I do know there is a whole Earth we don’t know about.  The lie is huge. I mean Gigan­tu­ous and I have been able to deter­mine that there are clearly two sci­ences.  One for pub­lic con­sump­tion and another which is hid­den in Secret Soci­eties and Gov­ern­ments.  There are mul­ti­ple paths Sci­ence can go and the cur­rent peo­ple in con­trol want to deepen that con­trol of all of us and the ques­tion is;

Why do they want to con­trol us? 

There are also groups of peo­ple liv­ing in Under­ground Cities unknown to the Pub­lic. The US Gov­ern­ment has over 135 Deep Under­ground Bases.  The real­ity con­jured up for the Masses is a com­plete fan­tasy.  There have been mul­ti­ple higher life­forms with us for 100′ of 1000′ of years. Phillip Schnei­der and William Cooper are dead tes­ta­ments to these facts. I don’t know how much was true and how much was fan­tasy but there was enough truth to get them both killed.

I also believe at the high­est level that deter­mines the trans­fer of funds to the pur­pose of War on all sides makes that deter­mi­na­tion not solely for profit.  All Wars of size are a culling and a Pagan Sac­ri­fice.  It is the exact same thing as the Mayans cut­ting out people’s heart and they are con­trol­ling it via the tele­vi­sion set. Go a lit­tle while ( a few days) unplugged and then come back to it. It can be quite a jolt.  That is energy.  That is you plug­ging back into the sys­tem.  There is another sys­tem that requires no power or any­thing, it just requires you to get in touch with your­self.  The most impor­tant thing while learn­ing this isBE HAPPY .  This is impor­tant. We all take a dif­fer­ent path to get to the same truth.  I can show you how that path begins.  You will end up at the same place in the End but it is impor­tant to take the jour­ney alone.  That place is “All is One” . 

Enlight­ened teams don’t require lead­er­ship.  As our ener­gies con­nect we nat­u­rally yield to the strongest asset to the chal­lenge before us. This makes us more dynamic and stronger than left brained tech­niques or counterparts.

When we have a sig­nif­i­cant num­ber of peo­ple who reach this under­stand­ing, some­thing will hap­pen.  There will be a shift. Trust me even if you’re not evolved, stick with the path I’m tak­ing you on because it is the right direc­tion. Because that path is “Know Thy­self”.

To fight your enemy, you have to know your enemy.  Peo­ple it just gets deeper and deeper.  Now this movie has some fiction(theory) in it but maybe not as much as you think. What is impor­tant is that a lot of  the lost mem­ory is filled in.  The Illu­mi­nati is using Sacred Sci­ence.  The Cap­i­tal of The United States was built using Sacred Sci­ence.  Coral Cas­tle was built using Sacred Sci­ence.  The Pyra­mids are Sacred Sci­ence.  Atlantis is not a myth­i­cal cul­ture.  It is all around us. This is not a sales gim­mick. It is time for us to unleash who we are in a pos­i­tive man­ner. Sub­scribe now for an excit­ing jour­ney that can only be pos­i­tive for you per­son­ally and Mankind.

The point is to fight the Illu­mi­nati (Bankers) we need to turn within not with­out.  You must arm your­self with your knowl­edge of the Archi­tec­ture of the Uni­verse which is Sacred Sci­ence.  This knowl­edge acti­vates your higher level DNA

It’s not a game or a joke but some­times ani­ma­tion and light hearted humor is the best way to begin to intro­duce vast new con­cepts of real­ity that must be embraced for Mankind to return to who we once were.  Humor me for a sec­ond. Color your view with the prism I layed out above please.…. Do it as often or as lit­tle as you like.  We have to go deeper then Con­spir­acy to under­stand this and we need to get it right. We have the tools to meet this threat, once activated.

By the way we can pop in and out of pol­i­tics, it will be there when we get back.  So if your ready to be part of the solu­tion and don’t want to go out­side march­ing and protest­ing it is time to “Know Thy­self”. Be trained as part of an invis­i­ble army send­ing pos­i­tive thoughts to spe­cific earth spots to evoke pos­i­tive change. Sub­scribe to keep your Ear to the ground. This is not a sales gim­mick. It is time for us to unleash who we are in a pos­i­tive manner.

Sub­scribe NOW for an excit­ing jour­ney that can only be pos­i­tive for you per­son­ally and Mankind. We will begin train­ing with the next posts.  You will know you are Enlight­ened or have obtained the state of Enlight­en­ment when it hap­pens.  You will describe it and those of us who are will know you have achieved it. Your post will be deleted and you will receive fur­ther instruc­tions.  The train­ing is based on improv­ing your life itself.  Elim­i­nat­ing all neg­a­tiv­ity from your per­sonal space.  Refin­ing your abil­ity to attract and repulse events and forms that assist your life in harmony.

Love is Pos­i­tive Energy. It is nur­tur­ing and pro­tec­tive. It is the most pow­er­ful force in the Uni­verse.  We see it as the expres­sion of nur­tur­ing and car­ing in emo­tional expres­sion.  A pas­sion or drive for any idea be it organic or con­structed. But what you are describ­ing as Love is only your obser­va­tion of its pres­ence.  When Love goes awry the result is hate and Wan­ton Destruc­tion which is also a man­i­fes­ta­tion of Love that is Blocked. Fear is neg­a­tive energy. Neg­a­tive Energy pro­vides great short term power, but it is destruc­tive.  It is chan­neled through many of the same feel­ings as blocked Love.  Love and Fear Energy can­not be mea­sured yet by sci­en­tific equip­ment because we aren’t mea­sur­ing brain­waves at that level but we know those two pow­ers are very real. Why, because we feel them. What is not Good is Neg­a­tive Energy.  Fear is needed to pro­vide bal­ance or your men­tal sys­tem would not be able to tol­er­ate the stress of change. What the emo­tions do is con­trol energy through vibra­tion. Vibra­tion is fre­quency and fre­quency is the code by which energy inter­acts. All is energy. Your mind(I AM) is the means by which you imprint this great uni­ver­sal field of which you are a unique part with a Fre­quency of your design using thought.  Thought Energy is always run­ning.  Your con­scious­ness just turns its atten­tion to an area of the body it is inter­ested in.


If there is hate, greed or racism in your heart, do not waste your time here because your cur­rent fre­quency will not allow you to receive the infor­ma­tion.  All of these feel­ings are neg­a­tive energy block­ages.  The nor­mal state is hap­pi­ness.  When you are happy you are most pow­er­ful. Hap­pi­ness is the state of being con­struc­tive and at one with all.  Unhap­pi­ness is energy being blocked and try­ing to find new path­ways through which to travel. If you are seek­ing trans­for­ma­tion you are wel­come. Every­thing taught here will cre­ate what I call a Thought COG.  We all have thought COGs. A Core Oper­at­ing Group of Ideas by which we con­duct our lives. Most peo­ple don’t pur­posely con­struct one and there­fore they auto­mat­i­cally cre­ate a clut­tered one that accepts any spam or incom­plete pro­grams they encounter. 

When you receive the teach­ing of ECOA you will develop a COG that receives infor­ma­tion, dis­sects it, uses what is use­ful, plac­ing that which it doesn’t under­stand in a stor­age area while dis­card­ing the rest as the pack­age the infor­ma­tion came in. This sys­tem of 4 Prin­ci­ples is known as AARC.  The ben­e­fits will become appar­ent in your life almost overnight.

 Enlight­en­ment is a dif­fi­cult process to achieve with­out proper guid­ance.  Only you can walk the path to Enlight­en­ment. No one else can walk this path for you. 
“Know Thyself”

 All Men are not the same.  Some know who they are and the vast sea of Human­ity is adrift in a Sea of Lost Mem­o­ries. Our enemy is using Sacred Sci­ence, aligned with pagan rit­u­als to alter real­ity in their favor.  This too shall be cov­ered in “All Is One” The Enlight­ened Cit­i­zens of Amer­ica issues a call. To those that know the time is dire, heed the call to return to the Great­ness that is in all of us.  That hid­den force within us that we all know if we tap it can move moun­tains.  Let us begin together.

There are ulti­mately two pow­ers of trans­for­ma­tion. Love and Fear.  These are the base two emo­tions.  Every­thing else is an alchem­i­cal feel­ing you cre­ate through the blend­ing of those two emo­tions.  We will start with a base align­ment of your energy sys­tem while pro­vid­ing pen­e­trat­ing infor­ma­tion of aware­ness which will cause your entire con­scious­ness to reboot as all your pre­vi­ous life expe­ri­ences are realigned in accor­dance with your new view of reality.

Note: If you’re a tough guy exchang­ing the terms Pos­i­tive Energy for Love and Neg­a­tive Energy for Fear will work.  Remem­ber we are not using the dark side of the Force.  Although our actions may unleash nat­ural forces bring­ing about a trans­for­ma­tive cleans­ing. Pos­i­tive Love Energy is the most pow­er­ful force in cre­ation.  Not only do we need to col­lect it.  We need to project it.

When this is com­pleted we will begin train­ing in con­scious use and explo­ration of your new-found understanding.

Know Yee that you are GODs. 

I do not say this lightly or in some deluded meta­phys­i­cal fan­tasy. You are a God and the Body is a quan­tum machine. We are suf­fer­ing from some form of an induced self-hatred.  Our ances­tors didn’t need aliens to build the pyra­mids.  If there is one ounce of truth to the pow­ers of the mind shouldn’t we have spent bil­lions research­ing it.  Yes, well we did, only it was our tax dol­lars with the juici­est parts of this research still clas­si­fied.  We need to find out what hap­pened not just in this research but in our his­tory .   We do that by focus­ing on our­selves and as we sort out our own prob­lems, we will unlock self knowl­edge and through this under­stand­ing influ­ence the World.

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Your prob­a­bly say­ing How?  Just fol­low the pro­gram that doesn’t cost you any­thing but your time at the time of your choos­ing. You can sub­scribe at any time.  There won’t be any reg­u­lar mail­ings (Spam).  Just infor­ma­tion in few months invit­ing you to join us in pro­ject­ing pos­i­tive energy regard­ing tar­gets for a whole host of unique ideas. The more peo­ple who get involved the faster we move towards a col­lec­tive shift. The most impor­tant act will be pro­tec­tive group med­i­ta­tions where we strengthen our link and project peace, abun­dance and secu­rity through­out the land.  Before we do any of this fun stuff, we need to raise and train a team!!!

When we work together as a group, not only do we improve the world but our own real­ity as well.  If this page res­onates with you , you have been called. Know you have just stepped into a magic place because it is here that your life will be for­ever changed. This is what  they fear.

All Is One”.  It is that time.  We are the Cho­sen Gen­er­a­tion. Pre­pare for the shift. The Earth is shift­ing to a clean new envi­ron­ment.  It is a cos­mic event that takes prece­dence over the day to day role-playing we are cur­rently engaged in. It is time to recon­nect with the Uni­verse to deter­mine not only what we should be doing as an indi­vid­ual, but what is the tra­jec­tory of all human­ity.  A new men­tal frame­work based on a whole brain soci­ety where false Wars and pro­grammed fear are under­stood and neu­tral­ized by a tar­geted pro­jec­tion of men­tal Love and Hap­pi­ness.  It might sound weak to you but wait until we get good at it and thou­sands of peo­ple are tar­get­ing love (+ energy) at var­i­ous trou­ble spots.  We will make a dif­fer­ence. We have to go deeper then Con­spir­acy to under­stand this. Pol­i­tics will be there.  We must go above Pol­i­tics, Past Reli­gion. We must change the prob­lem at it’s very source!  The Gen­e­sis Code writ­ten on the most Ancient of Temples.

Pre­pare your Soul to be shaken when you Read “All Is One” the defin­i­tive state­ment of real­ity. There is no greater truth then this which came from “Enlight­en­ment so Pure, you can taste the sweet­ness of its nec­tar with your mind”.

Believe me when I tell you “Acti­vat­ing your Kun­dalini ” is real and it will for­ever change your view of real­ity.  Only Enlight­ened Peo­ple can see real­ity for what it really is.  When enough of us have done this, the World will begin to change and I mean change instantly. All of the Evil is a reflec­tion of our­selves.  We must turn within to resolve this prob­lem. Some­one has built a World that is out of har­mony with the Earth and were stuck in it.  We are liv­ing in a trap and kept divided so we can’t fig­ure our way out.  Only by turn­ing within will you dis­cover who you are and when you are awak­ened, you will see real­ity for what it really is. This time were break­ing Free!!!

The Pax Amer­i­cana is the exe­cu­tion of pol­icy to express and impress our view of Peace upon the World.  It changes based on who is con­trol­ling Amer­ica.  I invite you  to work as part of a team to show the World the true power which Free­dom brings about. The Key to this prob­lem rest in unleash­ing a flood of pos­i­tive energy to restore bal­ance. The World Loves the Amer­i­can Peo­ple and now turn to us to lead them against this imbal­ance of Evil which is attack­ing all of us.

As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without.


One Amer­i­can

Mir­rors of the Soul Sacred art by Janosh

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